Room types

1. Single bedroom with private ensuite

The bedrooms are 17 ½ square metres with an adjoining private ensuite of 4 ½ square metres.

2. Single bedroom with shared ensuites

The bedrooms are 17 ½ square metres with an adjoining ensuite of 9 square metres. Each ensuites is shared by two bedrooms. The extra-large ensuites provide ample room for disabled residents to manoeuvre safely, and have locks on each side for privacy.

3. Twin share bedrooms with shared ensuites

The bedrooms are 25 square metres, with an adjoining ensuite of 4 ½ square metres. Two residents occupy each room, separated by privacy curtains. Each resident has their own bed, lockable bedside cabinet, sitting chair and built in wardrobe.

All bedrooms

Large windows are fitted with sheer and block out curtains, and picture rails are provided for easy hanging of personal artwork and photos. A built-in wardrobe, bed, sitting chair and lockable bedside cabinet are provided. All rooms are air-conditioned. Ensuites are fitted with toiletry cabinets, hand held shower and grab rails.

Accommodation pricing

The maximum accommodation price for all rooms is a refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) of $550,000. This may be paid as a lump sum, or a daily accommodation payment (DAP), or a combination of both; residents may choose their payment method within 28 days of admission. The refundable deposit is converted to a daily payment rate by multiplying it by the “Maximum Permissible Interest Rate” and dividing by 365 days. This is charged from date of permanent admission. The MPIR is set by the Department of Heath and Aged Care is calculated quarterly. The current rate of 7.9% came into effect on 1 July 2023.

Note: The period between admission and the payment of a lump sum RAD will incur the daily accommodation payment at the applicable interest rate.

Examples of payment methods are as follows;

Refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) Single RoomRefundable accommodation deposit (RAD) Shared RoomDaily accommodation payment (DAP)
Single Room
Daily accommodation payment (DAP)
Shared Room
Pay 100% of accommodation price as a lump sum. $550,000.00$500,000.00NilNil
Pay 50% of accommodation price as a lump sum $275,000.00$250,000.00$59.52$54.11
Pay 0% of accommodation price as a lump sumNilNil$119.04$108.22

Summary of fees and charges

Daily care fee ($58.98 – 85% of pension rate)

This fee is the same for all residents. As this fee is linked to Centrelink pension rates, it is indexed every March and

Accommodation payment (based on bed price & type)

Accommodation payment information is shown on the previous page. All residents entering St Mary’s Villa agree to
pay the published rate, unless documentary evidence is provided of financial disadvantage. For more information,
please contact the General Manager or Director of Nursing at the Villa, or visit the My Aged Care website.

Means Tested Fees (Services Australia determined – subject to annual $31,706.83 & lifetime $76,096.50 caps)

Some residents with sufficient financial assets or income will also be asked to pay a means tested fee as a
contribution to care costs. This fee is not kept by the Villa, but is returned to the government. The fee is calculated
by the Services Australia based on information provided by residents in the Residential Aged Care –
Calculation of your cost of care SA457 form or SA485 if you are a pensioner. Services Australia reviews the amount every 3 months.

According to the Services Australia website: “People who don’t provide income and assets details will pay maximum fees for aged care services up to the cap.”

Means tested fees can be quite substantial, so prospective residents are strongly advised to seek financial advice and
complete the fees estimator on the My Aged Care website.

Additional charges

Residents may request additional services, such as a private telephone, newspaper or hairdressing, which are
provided at additional cost.

Financial advice

Fees and charges in aged care are very complex. In addition, the treatment of assets, especially the family home, can
impact on aged care fees and pension entitlements.

We strongly advise that residents and their families seek independent financial advice and information.

Some suggested sources include:

  • My Aged Care Website
  • My Aged Care Information Line PH: 1800 200 422
  • A Financial advisor who specialises in aged care
  • Department of Human Services (Services Australia) care or book a free face-to-face appointment to speak with an Aged Care Specialist Officer, you can call 1800 227 475 on weekdays from 8am to 5pm.
  • For Veterans Freecall 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372).
  • Services Australia Financial Information Service (FIS) 132 300 to speak in another language call 131 202.