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“St Mary’s Villa and Nuring Home staff became a part of our lives at a time when we were forced to make decisions regarding our parents that we did not wish to make, we found the whole process so distressing and emotionally difficult, we had placed our Mother in a Nursing Home due to illness, we kept changing Nursing Homes hoping our Mother would settle and with each move believed the next Nursing Home would be the one! Then we were faced with the realization that our father was not coping at home alone, so we organised Respite care at St Mary’s for Dad, he was so happy and comforted, that he did not wish to return to his home.

Within a few months our Father became a resident of the Villa and our Mum was once again moved, this time into St Mary’s Nursing Home. We appreciate that Nursing Homes provide a service and standard of care, however at St Mary’s we realized what the other Nursing Homes were missing, my parents received at St Mary’s, not only a professionally high standard of care, they were also engaged physically, emotionally and spiritually

In the 5 year association with St Mary’s Staff I know they are there to ensure the comfort, happiness and wellbeing of the residents, they give their time and love they smile and hug, they offer reassurance and calm.

St Mary’s Staff welcomed us as a family, have always been there to assist us.”

Kerrie Griffiths
On behalf of the Chilvers Family

“Making the decision that mum needed to go into care was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do. We felt that our family were the best people to care for mum, but with her deteriorating health we were advised that she needed twenty four hour care. After much research we were drawn to St Mary’s Villa as the outstanding choice. We feel it is the warm staff that makes St Mary’s Villa such an extraordinary place. They gently guided us through the process with patience and wisdom.

The professional staff and the state of the art facilities meets all the needs of the residents in a safe and caring environment. Mum is now healthier, happier and calmer than we ever thought was possible, thanks to the wonderful care she receives and the respect she is shown at St Mary’s.

We know that we have made the right decision about the care of our mum.”

Nora Cremin’s family